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Sep. 24th, 2016

161cm. CW: 55kg / HW: 60kg / LW: 42kg. Goals? 50kg / 48kg / 45kg.

Diagnosed: Borderline Personality Disorder. Anxiety Disorder. Insomnia. Chronic pain. Fibromyalgia.

Monday: pilates / running. Tuesday: strength / running / ballet. Wednesday: pilates / running. Thursday: strength / running / ballet. Friday: pilates / running. Saturday: running / ballet. Sunday: Be nice to myself.

Change my name. Get into treatment. Get a job. Stop cutting myself. Stop starving myself. Stop mixing pharmaceuticals and alcohol. Stop being an arsehole. Take some responsibility. Start writing again; taking photos; caring about something. Go back to uni. Get a degree. Do something with my life. Make a difference... to someone... anyone.

Get off your arse. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and pretending that you're still a teenager, and take a step into the real fucking world.

Nov. 4th, 2014

Jett Aldaine, Jett Aldaine - It's my new name.
It flows and ebs and breaks at the circle.
Thick ink and a scorched note on the tongue. This is my introduction.
Madness is reality, just like your reality is my madness.
A certain type of soul it takes, takes and breaks. Then never wakes.
We're the only ones left alive.

It's been a long time

Livejournal, I believe I owned three or four of you over the years. I'm honestly surprised you're still around.

I'm here for the communities. To learn to write, to learn to grow, to learn how to exist once more.

I want to get out of this bed and out of this house. A little on my story later...

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